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The collection of the Museum complex includes hundreds of units of military vehicles and retro cars, rare national awards, large-scale models of cold steel and firearms, as well as uniforms, equipment, and insignia of the Russian armed forces from the 18th century to the present day.

Interactive activities:HQASSc34GWM1.jpg

  • Two 5-D game simulators with a wide range of games for children, including a tank battle on the T-90, which would also be of interest to adults;
  • A tank simulator for the fans of World of Tanks game as well as for others! (cabin fits three people). The game imitates three positions within the tank crew: a driver, a gunner and a commander. It is directed at an adult audience and allows to learn how to drive a tank in battle;
  • Laser shooting range. Game simulator with two screens that allows to shoot from different types of weapons. It includes many gaming programs for children and training programs for adults;
  • 3D-interactive cinema (48 seats): engaging video lessons with quizzes.


5-D game simulators

1 session – 6 min. 

200 rub.

Laser shooting range

1 session – 6 min. 

100 rub.

Tank simulator
(practice gameplay and virtual tank battle)  

3 people, 45 min. 

3,000 rub.  

3D-interactive cinema (interactive class)

1 class – 45 min., up to 48 people 

3,000 rub.  

*Discounts and benefits do not apply

Gift certificates 

Gift certificate can be exchanged for any of the servises offered by the Museum complex. Learn more.

The UMMC Military Museum

To book a guided tour or an interactive activity call 8 (34368) 4-75-11.

The UMMC Auto Museum

To book a guided tour or an interactive activity call 8 (34368) 4-72-18.