Military Museum UMMC

UMMC Auto Museum “XX century AUTO”

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About the Museum complex

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The UMMC Museum complex is one of the biggest museums of military vehicles and retro cars in the world. Currently it includes two exposition buildings and an outdoor exhibit. 

In the last few years the Museum complex has become one of the most popular historical and cultural destination of the Ural region. In 2010 it welcomed 53,000 visitors, in 2011 – 68,000, in 2012 – 92,000, in 2013 – 140,000, in 2014 – 150,000, in 2015 – 181,000, in 2016 – 204,000, in 2017 – 214,000, in 2018  – 255,000. Right now it is visited by more than 20,000 tourists a month from the Urals, as well as from other regions of the country and from abroad.


Museum's collection consists of more than 12,000 pieces, that includes 500 military vehicles and 500 foreign and soviet retro cars, motorbikes, bicycles and other types of transport.

We encourage you to learn with us about the advances of military engineering and auto manufacturing.